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You may be facing hurdles in life that are just too big to manage on your own. Or maybe you have feelings from the past that you need to talk about and address. You may be stuck in patterns of behaviour that you are desperate to leave behind but somehow cannot change. There are many different reasons why people look for support from a therapist.


Therapy gives you a safe space in which to unload how you are feeling and look at what's happening in your life. It gives you room to talk about how you feel without fear of being judged in any way and helps you gain insight. Most of the time we find our own solutions to problems, and ways to move forward, but there are times when this just doesn't feel possible. It can be really helpful to have the structure of weekly sessions in which to take the time and space you need to really talk about what's going on. 

Time with a therapist gives you a safe space with someone who always has your best interests at heart. It gives you the freedom to reveal your worst fears and greatest hopes. 

I work from a psychodynamic perspective. My belief is that to understand what's happening in the present one may also need to look at the past. We are the sum of all that we have experienced and sometimes experiences in the past leave their emotional imprint on the present. Early and formative relationships are particularly important and can still influence us today.

Sometimes what's happening emotionally may be unconscious and understanding feels just out of reach, therapy helps you uncover unconscious feelings and by bringing those thoughts and feelings into the conscious you gain insight and understand yourself better.  Once these feelings are known, understanding and change become more possible.

In my years of working with clients I have worked with many different issues including:





work related problems


grief and loss


substance abuse

low self esteem

self worth

life choices

Dip. Coun. MBACP Accredited